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Demo's Car Lot is a one of a kind Automotive dealership business. We were tired of the Credit Check games dealers play and wanted to provide our customers with an easier and less embarrassing way to get into a vehicle. Our unique business model does just that.

Requiring ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT CHECK WHATSOEVER to get into ANY of our vehicles, we built a program that meets the customer where they are at! No matter what you have been through or going through we are not going to ask and are NOT going to check your credit!

Here at Demo's Car Lot we are a NO FRILLS, NON STARCHY, and NON SALESMAN type of place. We do not like all of those negative stereotypes and have worked hard to eliminate them.

All vehicles are stored indoors in our warehouse showroom and our DMV approved office is in the showroom as well where all contracts are written.

Our specialized business shows all vehicles by appointment only. We do not keep set hours so we can flex with the customer while giving us freedom as well. Just give us a call and we will schedule you in.

Some information we thought you might want to know about us..

Warranties - Every vehicle we sell comes with, at a minimum, a 3000 mile/30 day power-train warranty covering the engine, transmission, drive axle, and AWD systems already included in the price of the vehicle. Standard warranty coverage is available on all vehicles and further includes A/C, cooling, electrical, steering, suspension, fuel, and braking systems. Coverage plans are available for as long as 60 months and 125,000 miles. Ask us for further details if you are interested in any of these extended warranty options.

Disclosures - The Pre-Owned vehicle purchase experience has materially changed in the last few years. The information available to dealers and consumers alike regarding vehicle history has become much improved. That said, not everything makes it to Carfax©. We know vehicle history is important and do our absolute best to make sure you know the history of every car we sell. We fully disclose any damage history and paintwork up front. The vehicle history report, KBB options and pricing, Buyer's Guide, and vehicle window sticker are all part of the car pack you'll find in every vehicle. Finally, we absolutely will not sell any vehicle with a Salvage or Rebuilt title, Flood area notation, and/or any unibody frame damage.

Referrals - The majority of our business has been developed since we opened in 1999 through referrals. If you are a new customer and have not been referred externally we would be more than happy to have you speak with one of our referring customers.

Trades/Financing - We offer competitive financing and work closely with many local Credit Unions and Banks. We do accept trades, and work with several local buyers who compete for the vehicles we take on trade that we elect not to sell.


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